sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles - partnerships

sleeping chinese man, nanshan december 2010

Those who know me know I that love to take photos of people.  It’s one of the great joys I have in trying to frame a good photo and have it come out in a nice scene that tells a story. I like photos that don’t need much explaination: most people don’t care to hear people drone on and on about a picture. I will admit, I didn’t have much courage for a long time to aim a camera at a person I didn’t know. I would be apprehensive about being yelled at (which happened in HK but a friend helped to defend me) or worse, I would get in serious trouble for it.  After walking around with a friend around Nanshan area, it is much easier now. I guess what I’m saying is, you can’t make art alone. Not that I need a whole bunch of people around me, but I definitely need someone who is into creating art in order to give me more inspiration.  I realize now that I partially fell into the rut I did because I didn’t have anyone around to discuss art with.  I have friends in HK of course, but life gets the better of us and we all got too busy for each other.   I loved it in Korea because I had a constant companion in which to shoot photos with. Hopefully, and with some help I can make more of these art connections in Shenzhen before I leave this place.



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