I love food. I also never watched what I ate either. So when I developed a number of food allergies, I thought my life was over.

In retrospect, it is a good thing I was forced not to eat certain foods. The more I read food labels, the more I realized how much crap I literally was shoving down my gullet.

I’ve been reading a lot about the politics of food, and it’s a good thing that’s been more in the mainstream through books like Fast Food Nation and movies like Food Inc. I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I promise myself that I’ll only do it when I haven’t had or am having or will have a meal. Fast Food Nation is pretty good, though I’m not too sure about this underlying anti Republican stance it’s taking with the book. Will probably blog more about it later.

In light of this, I’ve made a conscious choice to try to change my diet for the better. I’ve been doing fairly well with cooking more and eating whole foods, and am always reading new recipes like mad. Unfortunately I can’t exactly visit the farms that make my food or anything of that sort, but I do try to buy from locals instead of a big supermarket (maybe I can work up enough courage to see where they grow their stuff).  So I’m going to write a food diary. Things I’ve done so far to change my diet is eat brown rice, whole wheat flour, raw unsalted nuts/seeds, and eat less ready made sauces and dressings. Also,  like a lot of people these days, I’m going to take photos of food I make or have at a restaurant. I’ve been meaning to try to work better shots with my point and shoot digital camera so this is the chance.

So to start here’s a photo of one of my favourite drinks in Bali (not the best for you, unless what’s making it sweet is palm sugar), bottled iced tea, yum yum!

yum yum drinks

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