artist statement?

People like to ask me what I take photos of. The truth is, I can’t say I have a definite theme. If I must pick something, then it’s just real life.  I’m not always a big fan of the overproduced, pretty, colourful numbers. Rather, I am drawn to photos that show emotion, stories and aim to show a glimpse of a place that I’ve never been to. I want to learn from photographs.  As as I aim my camera more, develop more film and edit more images, I sense that I want to convey the same feeling in my work as well.   I love a good scene framed with a person caught in the moment. I love the million possible stories that can come from the image, and it doesn’t matter what is actually going on in the photo in the first place.

As I take more photos of Shenzhen, I notice that this philosophy holds true. Using my camera is a way for me to claim a part of this city for myself through photographs.  Shenzhen to me isn’t about making money, partying, the high rise buildings. This is simply because I feel it’s a facade, and I want to capture something that sees through that.  By taking images of beggars, people making an honest living on the street, or falling asleep at a restaurant, it’s a way for me to find the more human side to the migrant culture here, and to see people as more than just workers.

I hope when I debut my photographs sometime next year it’ll capture these feelings.

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