Recollections of trip

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-recollections of tripApparently you get discounts if you have this sticker. I find it gross.

So, back from a 9 day trip with the hubby to Sinapore/Malaysia.

Here are some short thoughts on it:

-it REALLY sucks having food allergies and almost all dishes have something that you ARE allergic to.  I didn’t think it was a big deal eating things I was only minorly (is that a word?) allergic to.  Turns out, that plus spicy food plus very humid weather is NOT a good combination.  Go figure.

-I have to slow down my plans to see everything.  I am a nature lover and will do most vacations somewhere outside the city. This is the first time I’ve done 9 days straight of city. It’s hard to walk around when a) you’ve got a husband with a bum leg and b)I’m getting tired/bloated/stomach aches from the food. Speaking of which, I loved it last time I was in Malaysia, but then again, it was the Malayisan Borneo. You can’t get any kind of grilled meat for shit at the cheap restaurants.

-I did not realize how expensive Singapore was until we ate at restaurants. And it wasn’t even western food. Though, if I didn’t restrain myself in Singapore (and maybe it’s a good thing I don’t live there either), everyday I’d eat chillies, Middle Eastern food and gelatos for desert ALL THE TIME. yummmmmm…….

-People eat a lot of fried foods in Peninsular Malaysia. seriously.  Laird and I were so sick of fried food we ended up eating Subway just for a change.

-I think the best part of Malayisa (this is from not traveling up the peninsula, only the Borneo side and KL/Melaka) is the Borneo. So peaceful, people are much more relaxed there and the food is sooo good.  KL is ok, but the roads are so poorly planned.  And the shopping isn’t as good as China. Melaka is also nice, but because of the Chinese New Year holdiay, it was madness.  It sort of ruined my experience there.  Nonya food was good though, even if Laird said it wasn’t

-I’m second guessing myself for traveling during Chinese New Year in Asia. If Laird and I can afford, it, I want to go to Europe

-I will wonder if the MacDonald’s VIP drive thru signs are real? Have to look that up.

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