food food food

I know that there are other people out there with stupid allergies like I do. I have to obsess over labels, cook my own food a lot (I don’t mind this) and have to be oh so careful when I eat out.

As a promise to myself I’m going to be more careful with my food because I’ve slacked for a while over this. I’ve discovered my allergies for about two years and I want to keep feeling better.

For anyone with allergies, this is a great resource. It’s aimed for kids, but very useful for resources, such as the printable cards you can take with you when shopping:

Also check out this one for yummy recipes:

If you travel a lot (like I do), it might be useful to get this. 8USD might sound a bit steep, so if you have someone to translate for you (anyone tried google translate?) it might be worth thinking about.

Hope this little bit helps!

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