10 Things I’ve learned

I`ve been inspired by this post to write what I`ve learned in my short time here.  I`ve always mulled it over and over (sometimes a little too much) in my head but it`s the first time I`m writing it down:

1. Constantly remind yourself of long term consequences – This is important with money. Some people buy things that end up costing them more in the long run, even if it is cheaper each time.  As well, any decisions you make can have a consequence, such as food (which I`ve learned the hard way) or exercise.  Even the way you treat people will come and bite you in the butt later on.

2. Take time to take care of your body – I think people get lazy with their food choices, and it`s a shame.  Food should be something that is of utmost importance and to eat well means that you value yourself highly. Same with exercise. Trust me, it`s taken years for me to realize this.

3. Live with less – This means you spend less, less debt, which is better for everyone.  Also, when you`ve been living overseas for as long as I have, packing your bags to move from apartment to apartment is not something I`d call fun. Nor is packing your life into two suitcases to bring back to your home country.  If your place is so cluttered with stuff you forget it`s even there and you just buy the same thing over and over again.

4. Don`t be too hard on yourself – I still do this occasionally. If you take yourself too seriously you`ll just end up not enjoying the moment you are in. And it will stop you from putting yourself out there and have fun.

5. Wasting money is really, really bad – no explanation needed here.

6. Take responsibility for your own actions – Too many put blame on others, because they`re afraid of what will happen if they point the fingers at themselves. But this is the first step to improve yourself and live a happier life. It took me a long time to get here, but once I figured out what I`ve done (good or bad), I was able to grow, personally, financially and professionally.

7. There are always two sides to a story – Don’t rush to judge so quickly. I could have been less angry if I’d only waited and listened to the other person. It also lets you form your own opinions.

8. Stick to your beliefs and keep your integrity no matter what – There have been many times at work when I could have stooped to my coworkers, such as them not filling out paperwork or manipulating other people to give them promotions that they did not deserve. But I am happier and much better for not doing that.

9. Curl up with a good book – A computer, ipod touch isn’t all that. AND I save money by not buying a lot of that stuff.

10. There are more hobbies and enjoyable things in life other than drinking and partying – I know too many people who spend too much, suffer horrible hangovers only to not remember what they did last night (even though it was “fun”).   What is the point of life when you don’t remember the fun things?  There are more fulfilling things out there, trust me.

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