an attempt at optimism

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-an atempt at optimism

Students last year during sports day, March 2010

Ok, I had a not so good afternoon. I sat on my yoga mat just before my workout and cried , made myself the centre of attention for five minutes by sprawling all over L on the couch, moping and complaining about how I don’t have time for stuff, blah blah blah.  Reading a couple of blog posts later, I figured if I look more on the bright side it’ll help me change perspectives on issues that has been bringing me down lately. I’m going to write something positive about a place where I devote a lot of time to: my job.

So here are some reasons why I like my job.

1. Entertainment – after the first month of laying down ground rules, there isn’t one day that goes by where I don’t laugh at something cute/silly my students did. There are occasions where they blurt out something in the middle of class and I am literally laughing until I cried. Examples include: student smelling his pencil after asking him why he came back from the toilet with a pencil in his hand;  student pounding his fists and chanting something similar to a war cry because he was so excited about a math game we were playing, etc.

2. (mostly) great staff – my teaching partner is hilarious, and always takes initiative to make sure things are done around the classroom. My fellow year 3 teacher is hilarious and has an entertaining class like mine.  The librarian is a very sweet lady who always helps me with online shopping because I can’t read the Chinese

3.  Opportunities to learn and practice my Chinese – I sometimes sit in my student’s Chinese class to confirm words I can read or learn how to say new ones.  They always compliment me which is hilarious.

4. Great holidays – I am quite spoiled in that respect. Even more so, because we don’t have five bazillion family events/obligations, we have most of that time to ourselves.

5. Planning – I think I am one of few teachers who enjoys researching and planning units for Science and Humanities. So much fun!

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