food resolution pt. 2

Ok, I knew it would have come to this. Most people who go on diets often cheat right? We’ll, I’ve had more sugary drinks than I care for (ok, only three, but that is a lot) and semi cheated on my diet (I had a a quesidilla with cheese, and not rotated my foods properly), and I feel uber guilty for it.

Now that I had my one of two wisdom teeth to pull out, I’m going to take the weekend to rest and regroup myself.  I have to focus on why I want to eat better:

-lessen ezcema symptoms

-feel more energized overall

-less stomachaches

-feel better in general

I’ve noticed in the last year since eating more grains/beans/fruit and less meat that it has made a difference in how I feel, mentally and physically. It is hard here because my job has been especially stressful lately, but it just means that I’ll have to find better ways to prepare meals. I’m writing this to remind myself of my food goals again. I know that it is ok to cheat sometimes but I don’t want to get used to eating junk all the time now.

So here they are:

-plan ahead meals so there is no excuse to deviate from diet

-continue with recording food on my food diary (and don’t cheat!)

-rotate all foods as much as I can (maybe start menu planning?)

-No more diary, no matter how delicious that pizza looks/smells

-eliminate highly refined foods eventually from my diet altogether

-baked goods/sugary foods OCCASIONALLY.  Will try to use honey for sweetener if craving a sugary fix.

This sounds easier, but it is definitely not. After years of not knowing why my immune system sucked and why my eczema flared up, I’m really trying to take control of my life with this.

Though, my good friend sent me cake mix I can actually eat, so maybe I’ll wait for another month and that can be my reward 🙂

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