I’m really starting to get into Ashtanga yoga these days. I feel the wonderful effects of it after I am done, and how accomplished I feel when I advance in a routine or am able to do a pose I am not able to do before. I’m currently on a 45 minute routine and am looking to go further at the end of this summer.

I recently purchased the David Swenson manual (awesome Ashtanga yoga teacher btw, I highly recommend his DVD) so hopefully in the summer I am able to squeeze in 3 sessions a week when I’m over at the in-laws. Last summer I was able to have some time to myself, but it’s a little bit hard when you’ve got nieces, nephews, and then a whole slew of people to see. Crossing my fingers.

This is the first time in my life that I’ve really committed to a fitness routine, and I’m really hoping I’ll continue with this.  It’s been a hard road for me, this fitness stuff, and routines are often difficult for me to implement. So yay for something awesome I’ve accomplished!

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