So I’ve been volunteered to take photographs for a wedding. Now I don’t really know this couple, and for some very complicated reasons, I’ve been volunteered because a) I am the only ‘professional’ (very loose terms here) they know b) I am doing this as a favour to help this person save money.  My husband thinks it’ll be no problem, as he says the couple won’t care, just as long as ‘I get a couple of shots’.  Now something in my brain is obviously screaming ‘no!’  First, I don’t just want to take any old photograph. Second, wedding photography is serious business. I don’t know this couple, nor their expectations for their day, plus it’s a couple’s important day.  There is a reason why people can charge $1000 USD and up for such a service, and I am doing this for free!

The other issue is that I’ve reduced my camera collection to a couple of old film cameras, and I am NOT risking using film during the wedding.  I have a little digital point and shoot that just won’t do. So I’m left relying on borrowing and renting equipment. I’d like to practice and get a sense of how rushed I’d feel.  I think I should be ok photographing people since I have shot models and have done street photography in the past. But still.

But then again, I always put too much pressure on myself anyway.  In the end, I can only do my best and I hope to take some nice photographs for the couple.

For those who are in the same position as me, or are starting out in wedding photography, here is a good link to get you started. I’ve been reading too many articles like this lately haha..

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