Yummy Honey

One of the things that frustrates me about being in China is the food here. Not that I don’t like local cuisine, rather it is how the food is prepared, farmed and raised.  I’ve been trying to find more ways to eat locally here, and I often wished I had more resources to find out where my food comes from. Unfortunately, it’s really not that possible in China sometimes.

One food though, I am able to get locally AND speak to the people who make it.  Local honey! I stumbled upon this while on a photo jaunt around the Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens, and saw all the deliciousness there is.  yum! One of the great things was, I got to see the beekeepers (though the bees flying around scared me a little). In grand China fashion, you never see one honey stand alone, or course there were tons along the road. I of course bought a huge jar, plus a bottle of bee pollen, and hopefully it will help me with my allergies.

Here are some photos from the walk:

sarah li cain-mumbledjumbles-yummy honey03

sarah li cain-mumbledjumbles-yummy honey02

sarah li cain-mumbledjumbles-yummy honey01

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