you are what you eat

I got my allergy test results back and discovered that I’m not allergic to most foods that I was heavily allergic to anymore! I’m quite excited, and have been talking to my husband about the foods I can eat now.  I’m still a little paranoid I’ll break out, so I’ve been thinking about what got me into this predicament in the first place.

So here’s what I’ve learned about my past eating habits:

-If I like something, I eat it literally all the time. I find recipes with the same ingredients over and over again. Which makes it easy to develop an allergy to that food.

-I didn’t have enough fiber in my diet, it was mostly refined grains, which doesn’t count.

-I didn’t eat a variety of foods (look above). I was pretty malnourished. I ate a lot to compensate for this I think.

-I ate many processed foods which resulted me in eating a lot of ‘filler’ foods, which were the very things I was allergic to.

-I drank a wackload of alcohol.

Did this result from pure laziness? Sure, it could have been. But maybe also because I didn’t know any better. Even though I am able to eat all the junk I want again, I’m probably not going to. I’ve developed some (I think!) good food habits I’m going to keep:

-eat whole foods.  I rarely buy premade sauces, but if I do, I make sure it has ingredients that I recognize and don’t have to look up in a dictionary.

-Increase intake of fiber. Tried to sneak quinoa, beans, spinach, nuts and seeds in smoothies and that has worked well.

-Eat more raw foods. We’ve made some yummy salads in the last two years!

-Avoid refined sugar. Keeping a food diary of that, so I can be more accountable.

I’m going to have my first sandwich (going to make sure it is whole grain or sourdough) in years soon! Yes, I am excited, don’t laugh.

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