Street Scenes

There are a lot of changes so Shenzhen can show outsiders what a wonderful place it is. I see many facelifts, such as repainting buildings and putting gardens around street corners in many places. It’s interesting to me how much the government spends on such things. To be honest, if I were visiting Shenzhen, I’d want to see how everyday people live, shop etc. You know, what people call a more “authentic” experience. If I wanted  to see a shiny new mall, I’d stay in Canada.

As much “nice” changes are happening in the city, you still see workers being put in dangerous situations (such as dangling off windows to clean them, unstable scaffolds, no face mask when welding etc.), and quite questionable scenes, such as the photo below:

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-street scenes

I finally took this shot after seeing about 6 of these manhole covers, along with about 6 or so staff at various places (!!!) trying to lift these bad boys up.  The husband says they’re trying to find a source of a gas leak, or something exploded.  Yes, it’s a little scary to see this, but there are a ton of ‘scares’ you live with here.  It makes me more and more curious as to why there are public funds to make unnecessary changes to buildings, but something like sewers (among other things, like food safety and paying farmers better wages) it goes fairly ignored.

I know that the Universaide is a big deal to people here, but I wonder just how much revenue they’ll generate by having visitors.  As one friend puts it, you can do all the plastic surgery you want, but she’s probably still a bitch. haha.

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