The Battle with Humidity

ugh. As the weather is getting hotter and hotter,  a wackload of humidity follows. I had planned a bunch of walks to baishizhou and around the older neighbourhoods behind my house, but when I’m out the door, a five minute walk just ends up taking me straight back indoors, where it is nice and cool. I was shopping for presents this past weekend and I was drenched by 10am. My yoga routine has also gone to the dogs, since it is so hot I get dizzy even with the air conditioner on. There is wonderful mould growing too, yuck!

What to do? A lot of people are getting sick from this, and I’m sure other people are having the same issues. Here’s what I do to cope with the humidity here:

1. Stay inside as much as possible – yes, it is the obvious one, but the pollution here plus the humidity here is ready to send anyone into crazy spells. I usually find routes (if I’m walking and doing errands)  where I can walk into buildings for most of my walks. You wouldn’t believe how many buildings are actually connected to each other in Shenzhen.

2. Drink lots and lots of water, and avoid juices/alcohol/caffene until evening – I got crazy drunk once during the afternoon, at a wine festival, and I only had about six sips of wine! I learned my lesson quickly after that. People also get dizzy/overheated/dehydrated and you’ll just wind up doing your body more harm than good. If you do consume these types of drinks, at least make sure you’re not going outside for long after you drink them.

3. Bring an umbrella and use it when it is sunny – I probably won’t get away with this outside of Asia, but when it is absolutely scorching and sunny, you need something other than a hat and sunscreen to get the sun away from you. It helps me cool down a bit more since it the sun is not shining down directly on me.  The only downside to this is when there are millions of umbrellas and you have to navigate through the crowd with yours.

4. turn on the air conditioner (if they are seperate units) even if you are not in the room, but not all day of course  – this helps get the moisture out of the rooms in your home. Those disposable demunidifiers also work wonders, and there are ones for your shoes in case you sweat lots in them (and don’t wear socks!)

5. Wear breathable, light, and loose clothing – Work is hard enough without having to chase after kiddies or walk in and out of the classroom (our hallways are outside) and sweat is just plain gross. Then awesome things like heat rash appear (mmmmmmmmmmmm…………).  And heat rash is just not fun, nor sweating and having to deal with the itch. Do yourself a favour and just prevent it.

Those are about it. Do you have any additional tips to deal with the humidity?

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5 thoughts on “The Battle with Humidity

  1. from the high school days – freeze a bottle of water the night before. then wrap it in a cloth/elastic band whenever you go out (to keep the condensation from soaking your bag). Apply to face when unbearably hot, or take a sip when you want a nice cold drink

    carry one of those mini battery powered fans?

  2. Andrew-yes, yes, forgot about freezing a bottle of water! My fridge/freezer has limited space as is but I’m willing to squeeze more stuff to do this again :). The mini battery power fans I always thought was a waste of time for me. Though you can buy really cute cheap ones here in China.

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