Practicing and Beyond

Two more weeks until I head back to China! I’ve done fairly well with doing my Ashtanga yoga routines.  I’ve even gotten up and done it first thing in the morning (well ok after resting for about 15-30 min with  a glass of cold water before hand)! I’m still a little frustrated at not being able to do the following pose even though I’ve been able to back in Shenzhen (well ok, on my right leg anyway):


I’ve been a bit frustrated at my progress, but I’ve really thought about it and to be honest, I’ve done well considering the following:

-My sciatic nerve was so bad I couldn’t bend over and put my flat palm on the floor, or did a forward bend and able to grab my toes/feet

-IT was hard (and tiring) to do a successful downward facing dog, straight legs with feet firmly planted on the ground and all. I can do that now with ease.

-I’ve done yoga classes (when I officially started doing it regularly) with instruction only in Chinese for about a year and a half, and only officially started Ashtanga yoga regularly December/Jamuary (self taught, in English of course), with lots of vacation in between

-There were tons of other poses I couldn’t do before, and the ability to do a 45 minute routine without totally getting in a tizzy (except on those really humid afternoons in subtropical weather that is so typical of Shenzhen)

The positives of me doing yoga regularly is I’ve noticed less back pain, stronger upper body strength and I’m definitely a lot more flexible.  One of the ways I’ve taught myself (as I’ve mentioned in the past) is use a David Swenson DVD (a good introduction if you’re scared of doing the full primary series without the guidance of a teacher, or in my case, none that speaks English!) and now I’ve got a book which is awesome and goes through each pose, because my new goal now is to add a new pose per month to my usual routine (while trying to improve poses I’m already doing, because there’s always room for improvement!)

I can’t say enough about how great this book is! I’m also happy I’ve found a form of activity that I’m really into.  Though being overseas, it’s hard to find the motivation and support, since most sources I’ve found doesn’t really chronicle “beginners” or people not getting a certain pose etc.

I’ve recently found this really cool blog which I hope will help motivate me.  I wonder if one day I’ll have ripped arms like Madonna? hahaha….

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