I’ll admit, I’ve been horribly lazy with my camera and I haven’t done much wandering around with it as I would like. I went to the OCT last weekend with a friend and I forgot my camera! It must be a sign that I’m too busy/tired? Not much going on at the moment or any funny observations (other than the awesome outfits, which I should do a post on someday).

Random crap in my life now if you care:

-Started Chinese lessons again with our awesome tutor. I will say that I remember a lot more than I give myself credit for, even though I didn’t study much in the summer. I will have to schedule time where I’m studying, and not always just catching 5 minutes here and there to refresh my memory.

-Work is busy as usual. I’m tired!

-Playing around with my workout routine. Joined gym with hubby cause there is a pool there, and maybe some weightlifting will help me get stronger for Ashtanga as well (it’s probably more physchological, I know I gain a lot of muscle from the practice, but maybe this is a confidence boost?). Maybe gym on weekdays, yoga on weekends. I’m also debating whether or not to wake up at 5 am do to yoga so there’s no excuse about lack of time after work.

-food food food! Currently trying to make western dishes using only ingredients found in Chinese restaurants.  It isn’t as hard as one thinks. I wonder if I can try this though.

-planning on cities I want to visit before I leave China for good. Toured the major ones, now what?

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