Ashtanga at the Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

One of the main factors why I stopped going to yoga  here (even though I went to a pretty good one) was not only because the instructors spoke Chinese, but there was no consistent Ashtanga class.  When I first decided to concentrate solely on this style, most classes were held around 8am on weekdays only, which sucked considering I had to be at work at 8!  I relied on DVDs and (now) David Swenson’s awesome book, but I don’t feel it is enough anymore.  I am indeed pushing myself with a few more poses, but I keep using time as a excuse not to practice more (with the fact that I joined a gym with my hubby, which I’ll blog at another time).  I also feel that talking to other yogis and a teacher who speaks English will encourage me more.  Doing a bit of digging, I’ve pretty much concluded that there is nowhere really that close to me that a) works with my schedule b) does anything other than yin yoga (which I find boring, no offense!).

Enter Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong.  First, it’s a pretty fancy place. Second, there are two certified Ashtanga teachers there go check out their profiles here)! I’m pretty convinced this is what I’ll need to boost my practice.  It’s a bit expensive at 260 HKD (about 35 USD) but I figure if I go once a month, it’ll be worth it.

I might give the beginners class a try, or the beginner/intermediate one to see what level I’m at, and if I’m brave enough, one day I’ll head to a Mysore class.

Can’t wait!

If you care to, go check out my review.

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