In and around public transportation

Yes, I do not mind commuting in and around Shenzhen, except for the obvious times, such as 6pm on a weekday (you think rush hour is bad in the states? Think again!) and the day before the beginning or end of a major Chinese holiday.  The reason I like it is because there are so many opportunities to photograph people and quirky things. One of my new obsessions is taking random photos of chairs, because, damn it, the Chinese just love to rest (or nap for that matter) in public places more than anyone I know.  The people are also too preoccupied at catching their bus, or finding the right one that nobody really notices when I take photos.  Of course, I have to be alone when on jaunts like these, because I am sure nobody will put up with my wandering around looking at random crap.

Here’s two from recent commuting that I particularly enjoy:

I love this, chair, like it can’t stand on its own without that pole. cute 🙂
I’m not sure why there’s a bajillion signs for slippery floor. But they line up nicely

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