The past couple of weeks have been just so full of activity. I need time to relax and just pause.

It’s funny, you’re on a different timeline when you’re an expat. You can run on “fantasy” time where everything just melds together and there is no sense of what you would normally do back home, such as deadlines for bills, etc. Then there is the other kind of  ‘time’ where you have to be so prepared for big changes, such as job applications (if you are an international school teacher you will understand what I mean!) months and months ahead of the next school year, packing and leaving friends behind.

I’m trying to find that balance at the moment. Lately I’ve been too busy getting documents ready for job applications (more on relocation later), visas, new policies at work, spending quality time with friends.  I’ve unfortunately cut back on experimenting with cooking because I hate to say this, I just don’t have the time or the energy right now.

I got up a bit early this morning just to sit and do nothing, watch a little TV, blog on here.  I think I forget sometimes that just taking even a moment to reflect and relax makes a world of difference.

Off to my busy schedule now.

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