Things I’ve learned as an expat

-It really SUCKS having to many suitcases or boxes while moving from place to place (let alone city to city/country to country), so it makes sense to edit your belongings.
-Squat toilets are not that bad, sometimes even more sanitary that so-called “western” toilets
-It pays to have good bargaining skills
-Just because somebody’s English skills aren’t what you consider good, doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

-Not having TV on all the time is not a bad thing.

-Traveling with allergies is a bitch!

-When people appear rude when you buy something from them, it might just be the way they act to survive (to get more money to live, since their income is probably less stable than ours)

-A smile goes a long way

-Photography always opens the doors to conversation, when people let you take photos, that is

-Always try to be sincere when speaking to others in their native tongue, not because you want to impress them. Locals know the difference

-Just because when you purchase something you think it’s cheap, think about how cheap it is according to the country you live in

-Public transportation is fun. If it is not, it is at least a valuable lesson in how locals live and learn not to take the fact that we can afford a taxi for granted

-Don’t be afraid of getting lost, you never know what you may find

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