Goodbye 2011…

It’s been a crazy month, and getting onto WordPress has been an adventure. I would love to post more but my vpn acts up sometimes here. Will research more options later.

I cannot believe it’s almost been a year, many thoughts to think about.  Some reflections on 2011 and some wishes/goals for 2012:


-Built immunity to most allergies, to the point where I don’t have to keep track of every single food I eat anymore. Still need to ‘detox’ every once in a while by consuming less diary/white flour/yeast

-Finished 120 hour TEFL course with hubby in a month, while working full time (report card/parent teacher conference time is terribly busy, just ask your teacher friends)

-Improved in yoga to the point where I can do half the primary series. Overall body feels better

-Balanced gym with hubby with yoga routine. Never thought I could lift weights!

-Made new friends and gotten closer to old ones

-Celebrated an awesome one year anniversary with hubby

-Tried new recipes and gotten better with cooking

-Improved substantially in Mandarin Chinese and used what I learned from class in real life

-Had a mini-show (still ongoing, will rotate photos soon) at The Kitchen Futian

-Explored a lot of Shenzhen and gained some more understanding of migrant workers


-Improve photography and explore same places as 2011 and my neighborhood more

-Move on in my career, wherever that will be

-Finish all rolls of film (just had too many)

-Express more gratitude and love to those that are important to me.

-Continue to use less toxic products (will put together a list of things I can possibly find here!)

-Improve more in yoga, perhaps get some private lessons along the way

-Take care of myself first every once in a while.

-Keep trying to minimize possessions

-Make time to slow down every once in a while.

-Set some more specific goals to streamline professional wardrobe so I don’t look like I’m a university student at work!

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2011…

  1. Oh my!! allergies, it´s been my goal this year too!!! but I´m tired of the shots, I wish it were easier 🙂
    And I enrolled (yesterday) in the University to study Chinese!!! maybe by the end of 2012 we can exchange short messages in Chinese!!
    Hope you have a great start of the year and that you can continue the cycle you started in 2011, getting better at yoga, with your friends and those you love and with yourself!!!

    1. Ellen – Would love to exchange messages in Chinese, not yet that well versed in reading/writing, but it is one of my goals this year 🙂 Send me an email and we can go from there you if you want.
      As for allergies, I’ve been through a lot of stuff with that, many diet related. Thank goodness I’ve never had to do shots and hopefully never will have to use any form of medication for that ever again.

      Have yourself a great 2012 🙂

      1. That´d be great!! I´m having my first lesson tomorrow, cannot wait !!!
        I´m trying Vit C for the allergies, it doesn´t bother me much when it´s a reaction in the skin but it´s really a problem when I cannot breath.
        Looking forward to seeing your portraits too!! I´m shy to ask people to pose for me but I asked some friends to come over for a “session”, let´s see if they behave LOL

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