Happy Year of the Dragon

A little belated, but best wishes to all nontheless. I spent the few days before CNY at the Louhu flower market, sadly to leave with my phone stolen. Oh well. As you can tell by the photo below it was INSANE. I was lucky nothing else was taken from my purse.

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-happy year of dragon

I took about three rolls of film that day, though it was hard to really say how I actually managed to take photos of people/scenes at all considering how many people there were. I shall get them developed at some point, and continue to finish all my expired colour film.  I still  can’t believe how much film I bought two years ago.

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4 thoughts on “Happy Year of the Dragon

  1. I went to the flower market two years ago – with a camera… I took no photos and instead clutched it to me for dear life. I’ve never seen such a crush of people, and when there are crowds here – there are always thieves present sadly. The good news is no-one would ever steal my phone, it’s a 3 year old piece of rubbish – that they would return to me with a pitying look instead.

  2. yeah, the crowds are still the same, and I made the mistake of going on the weekend before CNY. I had a crap phone too, which made it the more surprising that someone wanted to take it!

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