Artifacts of Migrant Culture

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of “stuff” I’d see when wandering around where migrant workers live.  I guess I am interested in these scenes because it’s not something I’d ever see just wandering around places in North America.

Am loving the expired Velvia too. I might just cross process one roll, maybe with a new project I’m working on.

Random images below:

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-artifacts of migrant culture01

random suitcase. Sometimes developers kick squatters out of their properties by disposing of their property.

A sign advertising for scrap wire/broken electronics so people can collect copper for money

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8 responses to “Artifacts of Migrant Culture

  1. It´s very interesting, I wish I could read what the sign says but so far I´ve learnt how to say hello, who I´m, where I live and what I do :) and not pictogram because I have to practice them in order I was told … but I´m closer!!!
    Have a nice weekend and work on your project!

    • Reading Chinese is not very easy. I’ve been picking up bits here and there, but to be honest am not THAT ambitious enough to actually take a class, haha.

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