Why Shopping is Entertaining

Yes, it is busy as heck and the crowds are sometimes unmanageable, but I love dongmen for many reasons, mainly for entertainment value.

Must go back there with film camera, when weather is less wet. I’m itching to get out but whenever weekend hits it rains. boo!

There’s more than one store with displays like this!

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7 thoughts on “Why Shopping is Entertaining

  1. I hate Dongmen – which goes to show it’s different strokes for different folks – the place makes me feel so darned claustrophobic even out in the open, I think it’s my British need for personal space ruining my life…

    1. When I go to Dongmen, there isn’t a large crowd. I normally go to Dongmen early in the morning, by 11 am I’m ready to leave. It also depends on which parts of Dongmen you frequent too I suppose. There’s a neat old village by the kitchen department store off the main drag that’s usually nice and quiet. Alongside some wholesale meat markets of course, haha.

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