I’m only human

I remember having a conversation with a friend going on about how my photos were wonderful blah blah, and it makes me think of mistakes I’ve done in the past . One of the disadvantages to using some of the cameras I do is I can’t take street portraits as quickly as I’d like to (particularly in dim light/cloudy situations) because I can’t focus fast enough, darn it. For some reason, my Yashica D and I are very good friends, but there are days when I’m not intuitive enough to know when something is in focus or not.

Looking at photos I took at the Louhu flower market back in February, I had quite a few photos that were unfortunately blurry. Part of it was there were so many people and I was getting semi-flustered trying to dart through the crowds without getting knocked over or getting my purse stolen (sadly my phone was another story). I’ve learned that maybe I should avoid crowds like the ones I faced or just carry less with me when on photo jaunts.

I LOVED the composition of the photo below, but a security guard kept shooing me (after he kept eyeing me suspiciously when I took a photo of a vendor and he thought I was taking a photo of him) and I had to quickly snap and go on. sigh.

baby in jail! haha!

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