Resolutions revisited

So it’s been about four months since I’ve made some resolutions, and I finally have time to sit down and actually think about them! I like these mini-school holidays because it’s too short of a time to travel anywhere but its a good opportunity to just sit and relax.

I made 2012 a year to improve more upon my photography, and made some goals early this year.

Here they are and my progress (I think anyway!) so far:

1)Shoot only in b&w after all my colour film is done – good so far! I’ve got about 5 rolls left and have a project coming up this week, which should hopefully mean I’ll shoot another roll or two. Next week is another project with a wonderful lady I know so I’m well on my way! I do only have one roll of b&w 120 film here but I’m only going to buy rolls on a need basis, particularly now that I’m going to be leaving Shenzhen in a couple of months.

2) Read more photography blogs/books – partial success! With my vpn acting up and most blogs (why why why?) are on wordpress or blogspot, it’s a pain being able to either read a website with the text but not words or not being able to access blogs altogether.  Shall read more now vpn is ok for now.

3) Shoot with my film camera at least twice a month – good so far! I’ve used it twice last month but February wasn’t so successful.  Am trying to finish portrait series, and head out to Baishizhou, plus nag hubby into walking around with me behind our usual breakfast place on the weekend after breakfast of course 😉

4) Ask people to take portraits of them – success! Asked four adults and a bunch of students so far. May finish off some 135 film during break times at school and asking for student volunteers.

5) Explore the world of toy cameras again –  fail (so far) – had about half a roll left but of course camera dropped and film fell out! argh! Will insert roll when weather gets sunnier.

6) Do at least one/two more photography shows – changed images at The Kithen Futian, and will probably rotate some more come June.  Thinking either street photos or something food related….hmmmm….

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