Luohu Commercial Shopping Centre

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Just literally did a TWO DAY shopping trip with my friend who is visiting from Canada. I’ve heard people who literally spend all day in the Luohu Commercial Shopping centre, but I have never experienced it until now.  I’m not really a big fan of knockoff goods so I don’t go there too awful much, except to the tailors once in a blue moon.

Most people who come to Shenzhen are here for shopping. Luohu Commerical Shopping Centre is five floors of knockoff bags, belts, wallets, watches, electronics, you name it. That plus cheap spa places makes it one of those places where people come to spend their money. My friend was definitely here for this purpose.

I will say, hubby and I bargained our hearts out to help our friends. It also included a fake purse which my friend bought that was so good, even she couldn’t tell the difference (she owns several authentic handbags)!

Some pointers if you do shop here:

-There are different ‘grades’ of fake goods.  Of course, the better the fake, the more expensive it is. There are also what they refer to as “top A” goods, which are literally made of material so good that it’s hard to spot from the fake. These items, however, you have to go to the higher floors for and you must keep insisting. My friend knew exactly what details to look for so the seller was convinced to show her the good stuff.

-DON’T buy electronics, unless you are just there for the fake stuff.  I mean, they do 1000GB usbs! Most fake usbs only go up to 4gb. But I wouldn’t risk it.

-Of course, don’t ever settle for a price they offer, even if it’s their second or third price.  You can bargain from 50%-70% down from the original price.

-Don’t be afraid to walk away. There are literally hundreds of stores probably with the same item you are looking for.

-Act interested at first. They will offer you seats when browsing at catalogs.  If you keep standing they’ll think they won’t have a potential sale and leave you alone.

-You must be willing to bargain or offer a price you’re willing to pay if you end up asking a vendor the price of an item. That being said, don’t be too rude about bargaining. Sometimes vendors will just think they’ll lose the sale and just stop.

-If a vendor puts away his/her calculator, it means no chance of bargaining. Some sellers are quite rude and you either buy it at their price or just go somewhere else.

-My favourite tip: My friend’s dad pointed me and told the seller “That girl there can get me the same item in Dongmen for —RMB”.  Do a bit of research (scour forums or if you have a friend who is a local of Shenzhen, the better!) and see what alternatives there are to buying the same product elsewhere. Use that as a bargaining tool.

-My hubby likes to pretend to be the cheap-o and get mad if I’m bargaining. Sometimes it works in our favour, sometimes it doesn’t.

If there are additional tips I’d love to hear them 🙂

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