purge purge purge

Believe it or not, I’ve been busy to the point where I forgot I had three rolls waiting to be developed in the fridge! I usually plan my personal time around getting my film developed. yikes. Will make it a point to stop off at film lab and scan this weekend.

I don’t think people really realize sometimes the work you should put into moving overseas. Yes I’ve done this before, but I’ve also accumulated more stuff since then, and gone are the days (sigh) where I could just stuff everything in a big backpack the night before and hop on a plane. I partially blame it on my photography collection.

There’s lots of talk amongst friends who’ve moved in the past shopping by cargo and all that mumbo jumbo. Way too expensive in my opinion! I would feel like my possessions are taking over my life if I have to spend time and money into moving it all around. I think because of this I’ve adopted a more minimalist approach in general. Hubby is thankful.

Here’s how I’m moving, trying to minimize costs and hassles of carrying too much luggage on plane.

1) Books – Going through Hong Kong Post for this! It is actually cheaper and more reliable than China Post, because anytime you send/receive books it can turn out to be an issue. I’m just using regular parcel service to save money. If you’re shipping things that are not fragile and aren’t valuable (including sentimental value), this is a pretty decent option if you don’t have too much to send. I have also scanned about 40 books (work and personal) so will be donating those to school library.  If you have access to a good quality scanner this saved me a lot of hassle and money by having to send more books. We have about 8 books to send.

2) Electronics – the bulkiest item we own is my beloved scanner. We have a speaker set and my hubby’s PS2 to send as well.  We are going through a courier service with insurance for this.  Thank goodness we are in a city with numerous import/export business owners where some of them we happen to be friends with! Apparently different managers ‘quote’ different prices, so we shopped around.

3)Clothes – we have about three suitcases together, and I’m scrutinizing my clothing collection uber carefully right now. It’s hard to pare down things because Shenzhen’s weather is so different to weather in North America. The usual rules of throwing/donating clothes can’t really apply because a) Shenzhen has been unusually warm this past winter and I haven’t really worn my blazers/sweaters/coats much b)Many ‘spring’ clothes are too hot to wear in this current weather! If you move a lot owning less bulky and lightweight clothing can be a good option.

4) furniture/kitchen appliances – The apartment we currently live in came with furniture included, so thankfully we don’t have to worry about that. We have two small bookshelves that I think we’ll leave in the apartment for the next tennant.  As for other things, we are giving away oven/photo frames/rice cooker/space heaters as they are still in good condition and I’d hate to see them thrown away.  The rest of our kitchenware we’ll leave on the curb and hopefully it will go to a good future home.

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3 thoughts on “purge purge purge

  1. I haven`t moved overseas but I move a lot so I know what you mean. And you don`t realize how much stuff you have accumulated till you have to pack again … when are you leaving?

    1. I know I own less stuff than other people, but I still have a closet full of things to purge/keep/donate when I’m finalizing my stuff in Canada! Leaving China in 5 weeks, flying by to fast!

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