Sha Tau Kok

Inspired by David’s post, I took a little trip to Sha Tau Kok.  I wanted to not only explore the newly opened parts, but try to get to Zhong Ying street and go through that border into Shenzhen. It is one of the four border crossings onto Shenzhen, and apparently it used to be quite the place for illegal activity.

I took the mini bus at Sheung Shui station fully expecting to just get off at the last stop. Silly me forgetting some parts still needed a permit to get through.  The bus stopped right before the gates and a police man stepped on.  I quickly apologized and left the bus. Then to top it off, it started raining, and I did not have an umbrella with me. The whole trip wasn’t looking so promising.

Luckily, it stopped raining, but the humidity came…yuck.  The sky was grey and spitting but I after half of hour of walking I was pretty much ready to go. I think I ended up walking for about two hours because there was so much to see.  And I’m sure I still didn’t see all!

I walked around trying to find anywhere to head onto Zhong Ying street (briefly put, this is a street which borders Shenzhen and HK, and you can walk freely there, but you used to need a special permit but those, as far as I know, has been lifted.) but no avail, I accidentally wandered onto the road where cars/buses/trucks drive into Shenzhen, and got more questions from another police officer asking me where I was going.  Feeling semi-defeated, I walked towards the mini bus stop and found a little stand selling tickets into Shenzhen. Only cost 20 RMB. Bad thing was, they bypassed Zhong Ying street! Tried to ask if there was a way for a bus to take me there, but nobody knew.  Ended up going into Shenzhen and walking towards Zhong Ying street, and I would have had to cross immigration again if I wanted to walk there. Of course, I just ended up taking a bus home.

If you are up for looking at older areas in HK this is definitely worth a visit. If you do live in Shenzhen I`d recommend crossing from Louhu border then taking the mini bus.  The Sha Tau Kok border on the Shenzhen side is in Yantian district and takes some time to get there. It took me about 40 minutes to get back to the MixC in Louhu district without traffic. In my opinion the bus ride through Shenzhen is kind of boring as you`re just looking at highways, but in the HK side you get to see a bit of Fanling (which I hear has some interesting places to frequent as well)

Photos of Sha Tau Kok below:

Loads of abandoned buildings. This one had a second floor but I wasn`t about to risk it considering I had bad luck that day.
Loving the old bikes. They could do serious damage if they hit you!
I wonder how long it took this building to get like this?
If you see this intersection get off the bus, you’ll need a permit to enter from that point on.

If you are interested in seeing more, head over to part 2!

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10 thoughts on “Sha Tau Kok

  1. isn`t it totally worth all the troubles when we find that spot in the world that is full of treasures and mysteries and inspires us to shoot with our cameras?

  2. Could you guide me on how to obtain the permit to visit Chung Ying Street from Shenzhen side as you have done?

    I suppose it is far too difficult to get the permit from the HK side…

    1. I heard that you can use your HK wu xiang jeng (the pink card) so that acts as a China visa, and use it along with a HK permanent ID card, thought I haven’t tried it myself. Hope that helps!

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