Sha Tau Kok pt. 2

It’s been busy shipping and packing my life over to North America in about three weeks. My scanner is on its way to to USA so I’m either going to have to suck it up and wait to scan my backlog of film or try to get it done at my photo lab. Not sure how reliable that place is….

I’m also busy seeing everybody, friends and (extended) family! I haven’t cooked regularly for the last little and it’s been driving me and my diet nuts.

Anyhoo, here are more photos from my trip to Sha Tau Kok . It was so hard narrowing down photos from my last post! I’m a little sad that these mini explorations will soon be over for me. Any abandoned buildings for me to explore in the states? Anyone?

Some of the mailboxes around don’t look like they’ve been opened for years
loving the scarecrow!

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7 thoughts on “Sha Tau Kok pt. 2

  1. imagine if you found an old letter, unopened and you can track the person and send it and that letter changes her/his life for the best?

    1. sounds like a plot for a movie! haha! Well, what I saw of old letters were bills. But most of the buildings looked abandoned by then.

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