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I’ve got two more days to go and off to USA! I’m getting quite excited as it’ll mean that I’m going to find a new place, and plan all this junk with the hubby. People may think I am crazy, oh well.

We didn’t see much in Toronto this time around as we were pretty jet lagged and there is only so much tourist-y places you can show someone, particulary when they’ll probably be back more than once a year.  We headed to the ROM (was going to blog about that but was kind of disappointed in the new layout of it) but that’s about it. I forgot that hubby hasn’t gone to Honest Ed’s until a friend pointed it out to us while walking out of a restaurant. For those who don’t know it, it’s a store which is pretty much a Toronto icon. I was wandering around thinking “yeah I’ve done this before” until I dropped my jaws at 10 cent underwear. ahah.

My photography has sadly taken a backseat during this but I’m in lazy vacation mode. I’ve got some new photography goals coming up because I’m putting film on hold perhaps for now. I have to see if it is in the budget or it is more cost effective to get a DLSR again. I’m going to play around with the manual controls more with my Lumix LX3. Googling images that amateur hobbyists have taken have really convinced me I can do more with the camera than I gave it credit for initially. I’ll probably do a post about the trial and errors of it soon. It’s hard to blog consistently when you don’t have access to the internet regularly.

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