quick snapshot

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-quick snapshot

Just a quick shot of of what I’m up to these days (not my best photo, I know). I’ve been playing with the manual features on the lumix LX3 and I’m slooowwwlly getting the hang of them. I’ve also been asking the hubby to drive me around to these buildings I’ve been pointing out every time we drive around to do errands. I’m trying to start a series of broken down buildings and stuff like that. So if there are any interesting sites like that around the Pittsburgh area please give me a shout! I can’t really be insured with my Canadian driver’s licence in the states, so for how hubby has to drive me everywhere until I can drive myself, haha. It’s a novelty so far but I’m pretty sure I won’t like it in a month or two…

Photo is from a trailer that supposedly burnt down. I was wearing flipflops so was weary about walking around too much.

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