I actually miss finding random scenes like this by chance:

Mannequin bottoms. I wonder where the top half are?

It makes it a bit more difficult in the US because people usually drive everywhere. Even if I find interesting things to photograph, I have to ask my hubby, and by that time we spend too much time trying to find a suitable place to park, and it gets to be  waste on gas.  I might have to write notes of places, ask hubby as I pass along them the name of the street, come up with a list, then hubby can plan out a mini-trip that is the most efficient, since I still have no clue where things are located or distances.  Other than the fact that I am new to this area, but getting driven everywhere doesn’t help either. As the hubs puts it,  I just don’t pay attention.

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9 thoughts on “Nostalgic

      1. well, this is a good opportunity to get fit!!! you`ll take pictures and your health gets better!!! not a bad deal !!! anyway, maybe a motorcycle can do??

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