I’m going to admit that my photography jaunts have taken a backseat. I was at a 40 hr job but literally commuted for 3-4 hrs a day for it. By the time the weekends roll around I have so many errands to run even the thought of planning a whole/half day to drive around taking photos tires me out. It was so nice today just to drive with hubs and go to the mall and window shop.

I don’t know if people realize that moving across the world is HARD WORK. I’m not complaining, but it’s a reality I knew was coming when we packed up 4 months to move here.  I would love to lie and say it’s all fine and dandy now, but it’s getting better.  I feel a lot more empathetic towards my parents when they decided to make the tough choice 24 years ago to move from Hong Kong to Canada. My mom got a job within two months and we moved into our very first family home in one.  They honestly made it look so easy.

There are A LOT of factors to consider when moving to  a new country:

-Losing money due to exchange rates between countries/banking fees, etc.

-Moving expenses (how to move your stuff, via plane,train, ship, etc.)

-Selling possessions in former country (We sold our appliances because it was not worth shipping over, it was cheaper to buy new ones here) or giving them away, which you end up losing money

-Buying new things in new country (furniture, appliances, etc.)

-Waiting out paperwork, which means you could be unemployed for a little while

-Budgeting for unforeseen circumstances (unemployment, housing market rising, etc.)

-Not knowing best prices for items and you end up overpaying for them

-Driving and getting lost, which wastes time and gas money


It might be harder if you have children involved. And of course, you can minimize risks by securing employment before you go to the country, but if you move for other reasons or don’t have someone sponsoring you, that can be difficult.

On another note, I am excited for fall here because I haven’t experienced North American fall weather (or Hallowe’en for that matter!) for about 6 years now. I know I’ve been nagging my husband to buy a pumpkin so I can carve. I’ve also seen really cool decorations around the neighborhood here so I might grab my digital camera and take a few snaps.


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