Ruined Shots #2

I love photographing children. I love their smiles and how unabashed they seem, particularly the ones in Asia.  Most of them pretend to be shy until they see your camera (in my case anyway).  They find it curious that you’re interested in what they’re doing.  One of the things I also love about photographing children in Asia is that they seem to be happy playing anywhere, no matter what.

As much as I love photographing children, it’s a bit hard at times when they’re running about and you have a manual focus camera.  If I have my TLR, they normally stop and stare at it, which makes it easier on my part. Unfortunately, with my rangefinder, kids barely notice that I’m there and I can’t seem to focus fast enough. I sometimes get confused between the focusing ring and the ring where I adjust my aperture (they’re literally beside each other). It’s even harder sometimes with my TLR, and worse if I actually get a shot in focus but fail to take the photo like my last ruined shot.

I still like the photo below, but I kind of wish I was faster with my focusing.  I’ll just have to practice more.

mumbledjumbles-sarah li cain - lou hu1


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11 thoughts on “Ruined Shots #2

  1. Hey Sarah? I think it’s Sarah, according to the “posted by” at the end of your post.

    Anyhow, thanks for actually leaving a comment on my site. It was nice to see that someone was actually viewing my photos.

    I can also confirm, by the looks of your website and photos, that you do indeed, “rock”.

    -The Visual Geek

    1. Well Matt, I think people doing any kind of art (as long as it’s legal of course) needs any type of encouragement. I know I have always appreciated feedback from others. I’m still learning! I’ll come back and check on your blog again 🙂

  2. Love the image. It speaks to childlike happiness and wonder. And that it’s a little ‘out-of-focus’ (as you put it) makes it all that much sweeter. Sounds like our practices are much aligned!

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