Photography and Yoga Part 2

Ever since I wrote a post about how photography and yoga are similar, I’ve been thinking about writing more in this topic for a while. True to form, my short term memory kicked in and obviously forgot it for a while. Also true to form, my memory comes at the weirdest times and luckily I only shouted when I was by myself when I exclaimed said that I should really write another post for this topic.

I’ve covered some of the mental/spiritual side of photography and yoga, and I was thinking if there are any commonalities between asanas and photography.  Then I thought of an article I read ages ago about ‘funny’ photographer poses.  Now I have ventured far and wide in the past to get  a good photo, and quite possibly squatted or looked weird when trying to capture a scene. I can safely say though, that I never stood/squatted/sat taking a photo that resembled anything like yoga poses graced in the likes of Yoga Journal.

Well go ahead, decide for yourself if the following poses some photographers get into look like asanas you and I might be practicing.

Yin Yoga Dragonfly Pose

image source
image source

Goddess Pose


image source

image source



image source

image source

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9 thoughts on “Photography and Yoga Part 2

  1. One of the most inspiring teachers I know, Mimi Kuo Deemer, worked as a photographer before starting yoga. She teaches in London but regularly in Beijing as well, in case you’d like to look her up. Her website is inspiring too. So somehow you’re right, photography and yoga go well together, she always had such a great eye for how people feel in certain postures.

    1. Thanks! I will! I’ve only really begun to find out that photography and yoga have a lot more in common. I was afraid of blogging two of the subjects in the same blog for that very silly reason 🙂

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