Falling is My Best Friend

Let me just say that I am scared of headstands.

I’ve seen youtube videos and can visualize it in my head. I’ve read my Ashtanga book a gazillion times and know what I have to do to enter that pose. I’ve annoyed my husband to the point where I should just shut up and do it.

I even tried the pose on the left and I still couldn’t do it!

But I don’t. I tried twice and got so giddy that my legs were actually off the floor I probably forgot to engage my core.  Then I fall. The last time I fell I actually crashed into my wardrobe and ripped my yoga manual. argh. I was so mad I rushed through the finishing postures and fumed all throughout savasana.

I question myself whether or not I am good at this asana stuff.  I mean, I’ve been practicing Ashtanga regularly for almost a year now and still can do this! For goodness sake, I’m able to do tolasana and I think that’s harder!

But then again,doing a headstand forces you to change perspective. Being turned upside down is scary. So maybe I’m scared of being upside down?

I know I keep harping on this, but this is yet another sign that I need to find a yoga teacher. I can’t put it off any longer. If I do, I might as well give up on this whole yoga journey.


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