Never Say Never

Life points us in a direction we don’t always envision for ourselves. It’s definitely been very true for me for the past 8 months.

In short, I thought I was meant to settle down in the states with the hubby. But as fate would have it, China kept calling us and pulling on our sleeves until we finally caved in.

So as of next week, I am moving back to Shenzhen, China. I’m excited and nervous about it all. I feel like I’m re-reading a favorite novel and looking at it with new eyes.

I’m quite excited as that means I get to continue to photograph places I wanted to before I left. It means I get to collaborate with the cool people I’ve formed friendships with but didn’t have the time. It also means that I’ll pursue more yoga in Asia, and try to learn more Chinese in order to learn more from the teachers that are awesome and talented.

See you soon on the other side of the world!


5 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. I found that moving to the other side of the world was a great lesson in non-attachment. I got rid of so much, well, stuff, and it felt good, even though painful at first.
    All the best for you for the big move!

  2. I’m planning on moving to Shenzhen in August. I dont know any of the language, I have never been to China before, and I’m terrified!! I look forward to seeing what you put up on your blog – I want to learn as much as I can!!

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