Yoga Goals 2013

slowly going into the full posture…


I promised I wouldn’t do this, as it always frustrated me in the past when I didn’t achieve any of my yoga goals. Last year I really wanted to go into a full headstand and got really frustrated when I didn’t. I’m still learning to not focus so much on the end result as it is the journey to get there.

As I move to a new city, I have been scouting for places to start a Mysore practice or even a led practice every once in a while. I am not surprised that going to a yoga class in China is so expensive, sometimes almost double the price of  a class in USA.  Still, having the leisure time will always be a status symbol in China, so I guess people might as well prove how rich they are by being able to afford a $30-$40 (USD) yoga class.

Alright, here are my goals. If anyone has any suggestions on classes in Shenzhen or even Hong Kong (Do I have readers from there?) I’d totally welcome it!

  • Find a yoga teacher, or a class to go to at least once a week
  • Try Mysore style classes
  • Complete all standing postures and work on full postures on ones I already practice
  • Memorize opening and closing mantras
  • start a meditation practice
  • Make a list of yoga philosophy books to read and read them!
  • Go into a full headstand!
  • Go for 30 seconds on tolsana.

6 thoughts on “Yoga Goals 2013

  1. Girl!!!! you are back in China!!!! hope you find your own posture, the one that makes you feel comfortable within yourself !!!! best of luck!!! xoxo

  2. I would absolutely love to begin a meditation practice, but any time I sit down to try my mind goes completely berserk. A sure sign how desperately I need it!! Best of luck reaching your goals!!

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