In my past life I was a wanderer and picked up and left whenever I felt like it. I’ve hopped across 4 continents and
16 countries.

Some time later, I got married, settled somewhat at my job and home in China where I have been for the past three years. Now I’ve immigrated to the US to be with my husband. It’s hard to really define and figure out who I am these days simply because any notion of who I was is pretty much gone. My perspective changed now that I have a regular full time job.  These days, I juggle my life around my job, household chores, cooking, my husband and allowing as much leisure time as possible.  I write to document my progress with photography and progress into Ashtanga yoga. Occasionally I might deviate from the norm, whenever it strikes me fancy. I try to be as honest and authentic as I can here, and hope that you like what you read.

I welcome collaborations and creative teamwork, so if you are interested, please contact me.

I am quite an avid amateur photographer, cataloging experiences and street photography.  If you are interested, check out my flickr page.

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