Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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I forget how windy winters are over here. I’m not trying to complain, really. I think I just need to get used to this weather again. I’ve been drinking a wackload of water and I still wake up dehydrated. I’ve tried finding coconut water here to no avail. It makes me miss the fresh coconuts you can get in Thailand. yum!

I do enjoy sitting in cosy PJs and drinking tea while watching the snow blow by. I love looking outside the window and seeing scenes like the one above.

Who says that winters are drab? There is beauty everywhere you look!

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I'd love to learn to read Sanskrit someday
I’d love to learn to read Sanskrit someday

I vividly remember details anytime I see images I took in Tibet.  I also find that the images I like the best are the ones that evoke such strong memories of when I took a photo, like the exact moment. It’s a bit eerie.

I think the main reason why I have favorite images is because of the honesty involved in it.  Anytime I am honest in my life (either doing something with an honest intention or actually saying something honest) life changing things happen.

I remember sitting in my old apartment in Shenzhen as I was taking a photo of the city. I remember thinking that I was ready for a serious relationship and get married. I met my future boyfriend, then husband the next day.

The more I think about it, the more Tibet evokes such memories for me is because I was brutally honest as well. I had a very candid conversation with my then boyfriend. I remember crying. I also remember that I had to truly be open in order to move on.  A few weeks after that, I got engaged.

I find it funny how events happen to me. I also like linking my photographs with happy, sad, or vivid memories.  It used to be about the perfect photo, but the more I continue with my hobby, the more I find that it helps preserve what I’m afraid I might forget.

I’m going to be honest again, and I vow to be honest from now on. I haven’t updated in the past because I got lazy. I was also going through the motions from lots of life changes and wasn’t convinced that walking around a park with my camera was going to help me capture beautiful images. I was also sad about the lack of film photography resources around where I am now. Yes I know, these are excuses.

I can still post because I have a lot of images from China and other travels I haven’t posted yet. I’m also going to post the not-so-perfect ones so I can learn why those photos didn’t turn out in the first place. As the weather warms up more I will go on walks and capture the beauty in what I  thought were boring places.  I’m also changing the direction of the blog a little to include some posts about yoga and my journey in it.  I hope to take photos of myself in yoga poses.

I’m happy and relieved to be writing this. I am looking forward to all that comes from now on.

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Winter Scenes

My husband kindly took me to Ohiopyle State Park this week since the weather’s been letting up a bit. I was excited to soak up the winter scenes since I haven’t experienced them in years. I also forgot how slippery ice can be! I got teased (rightly so) about being scared to trample on the snow. Thank goodness there were fences on the icy steps or I might have fallen over a not so safe cliff by now. I passed by a lot of places where I’d really like to take some winter portraits of friends/their pets, but I’m not sure who would like to brave the cold for me.

Photos from the jaunt below:






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I’m sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like. Life got in the way, and photographing subjects just isn’t as easy as it used to be. I yearn to get out there and do more. I am hopeful for 2013 and what treasures it will bring, and I will concentrate on my photography more. I’m going to go through my archives and see what I would like to share in the upcoming days/weeks.

Until then, Happy Holidays to you all and I look forward to all your creative works.

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I’m going to admit that my photography jaunts have taken a backseat. I was at a 40 hr job but literally commuted for 3-4 hrs a day for it. By the time the weekends roll around I have so many errands to run even the thought of planning a whole/half day to drive around taking photos tires me out. It was so nice today just to drive with hubs and go to the mall and window shop.

I don’t know if people realize that moving across the world is HARD WORK. I’m not complaining, but it’s a reality I knew was coming when we packed up 4 months to move here.  I would love to lie and say it’s all fine and dandy now, but it’s getting better.  I feel a lot more empathetic towards my parents when they decided to make the tough choice 24 years ago to move from Hong Kong to Canada. My mom got a job within two months and we moved into our very first family home in one.  They honestly made it look so easy.

There are A LOT of factors to consider when moving to  a new country:

-Losing money due to exchange rates between countries/banking fees, etc.

-Moving expenses (how to move your stuff, via plane,train, ship, etc.)

-Selling possessions in former country (We sold our appliances because it was not worth shipping over, it was cheaper to buy new ones here) or giving them away, which you end up losing money

-Buying new things in new country (furniture, appliances, etc.)

-Waiting out paperwork, which means you could be unemployed for a little while

-Budgeting for unforeseen circumstances (unemployment, housing market rising, etc.)

-Not knowing best prices for items and you end up overpaying for them

-Driving and getting lost, which wastes time and gas money


It might be harder if you have children involved. And of course, you can minimize risks by securing employment before you go to the country, but if you move for other reasons or don’t have someone sponsoring you, that can be difficult.

On another note, I am excited for fall here because I haven’t experienced North American fall weather (or Hallowe’en for that matter!) for about 6 years now. I know I’ve been nagging my husband to buy a pumpkin so I can carve. I’ve also seen really cool decorations around the neighborhood here so I might grab my digital camera and take a few snaps.