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I’m sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like. Life got in the way, and photographing subjects just isn’t as easy as it used to be. I yearn to get out there and do more. I am hopeful for 2013 and what treasures it will bring, and I will concentrate on my photography more. I’m going to go through my archives and see what I would like to share in the upcoming days/weeks.

Until then, Happy Holidays to you all and I look forward to all your creative works.

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Prize Knife

I’ve been slacking lately, as my schedule is getting a bit hectic and I’m trying to get used to it. So for now, my main goal is to try to scan all the film still left while I was in China.  It’s hard trying to sort things when I’m still living out of a suitcase!

I did get to get around to the Westmoreland fair with hubs and some friends.  I had to chuckle and take a photo of this particular booth:

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-prize knife

I had to ask if they seriously gave away knives as a prize, and they did! All you had to do was throw a plastic ring, and if it lands on a knife, then you get to win that particular knife. So I won a knife at a fair. How often do you get to say that?

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sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-foamtastic

 I tagged along to a local Sunday School picnic a few weeks ago and it was pretty fun. The highlight of the day was the foam party. The volunteer firefighters blew foam out of a machine using tons of soap and water.  The kiddies slid down the hill as the bubbles kept creeping higher and higher.  Makes me wish I was a kid again! This was taken with my Lumix LX3 which I’m loving all over again. Slightly busy house hunting at the moment so will try to post the multiple exposure images you can take with this camera! so cool!

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sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-limbo

I’ve got two more days to go and off to USA! I’m getting quite excited as it’ll mean that I’m going to find a new place, and plan all this junk with the hubby. People may think I am crazy, oh well.

We didn’t see much in Toronto this time around as we were pretty jet lagged and there is only so much tourist-y places you can show someone, particulary when they’ll probably be back more than once a year.  We headed to the ROM (was going to blog about that but was kind of disappointed in the new layout of it) but that’s about it. I forgot that hubby hasn’t gone to Honest Ed’s until a friend pointed it out to us while walking out of a restaurant. For those who don’t know it, it’s a store which is pretty much a Toronto icon. I was wandering around thinking “yeah I’ve done this before” until I dropped my jaws at 10 cent underwear. ahah.

My photography has sadly taken a backseat during this but I’m in lazy vacation mode. I’ve got some new photography goals coming up because I’m putting film on hold perhaps for now. I have to see if it is in the budget or it is more cost effective to get a DLSR again. I’m going to play around with the manual controls more with my Lumix LX3. Googling images that amateur hobbyists have taken have really convinced me I can do more with the camera than I gave it credit for initially. I’ll probably do a post about the trial and errors of it soon. It’s hard to blog consistently when you don’t have access to the internet regularly.

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Oh Canada!

I had wanted to do a post while still in Shenzhen but a) packing took its toll and I would pass out way too early b) Seeing too many people before hubby and I left also took its toll c) I also started getting sad about leaving so blogging would have brought out those emotions.

All said and done, I’m glad I’m back on North American soil.  Only back two days and I just feel more relaxed, mainly from the lack of crowds here. It’s not humid like crazy which is what makes summer so nice here.  Seeing friends for a week in Toronto then off to our final destination in the states.  Too tired to be excited.

I’ve still got a wackload of film to scan and photos of Shenzhen to edit, so will do more blogs about Shenzhen for a little bit.  Have run out of film so will try to take some photos of Canada on my little digicam.

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