I’m sorry I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like. Life got in the way, and photographing subjects just isn’t as easy as it used to be. I yearn to get out there and do more. I am hopeful for 2013 and what treasures it will bring, and I will concentrate on my photography more. I’m going to go through my archives and see what I would like to share in the upcoming days/weeks.

Until then, Happy Holidays to you all and I look forward to all your creative works.

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So I’ve been volunteered to take photographs for a wedding. Now I don’t really know this couple, and for some very complicated reasons, I’ve been volunteered because a) I am the only ‘professional’ (very loose terms here) they know b) I am doing this as a favour to help this person save money.  My husband thinks it’ll be no problem, as he says the couple won’t care, just as long as ‘I get a couple of shots’.  Now something in my brain is obviously screaming ‘no!’  First, I don’t just want to take any old photograph. Second, wedding photography is serious business. I don’t know this couple, nor their expectations for their day, plus it’s a couple’s important day.  There is a reason why people can charge $1000 USD and up for such a service, and I am doing this for free!

The other issue is that I’ve reduced my camera collection to a couple of old film cameras, and I am NOT risking using film during the wedding.  I have a little digital point and shoot that just won’t do. So I’m left relying on borrowing and renting equipment. I’d like to practice and get a sense of how rushed I’d feel.  I think I should be ok photographing people since I have shot models and have done street photography in the past. But still.

But then again, I always put too much pressure on myself anyway.  In the end, I can only do my best and I hope to take some nice photographs for the couple.

For those who are in the same position as me, or are starting out in wedding photography, here is a good link to get you started. I’ve been reading too many articles like this lately haha..

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sarah li cain-mumbledjumbles-untitled01Wandering around Hong Kong, 2008

I went to dim sum with a couple of flickr friends this past Sunday in Hong Kong. It was such great fun discussing film, developer and about recent photographs we’ve taken. It’s been a while since I’ve seen these folk, and I am reminded why I talk to them: they’re nice, and they love photography, and always want to improve their craft. What’s more, one of them is getting married. On and on our discussion went about cool wedding portraits (Asians are big on “pre-wedding portraits”) and I’m excited to be part of this project.  I hope they don’t schedule this around when I’m on vacation.

Afterward, we wandered around and speaking with one of my friends, he casually mentioned that I would probably be leaving soon, and maybe I don’t go down to Hong Kong often because I don’t have (as he calls it) people here.  I mulled over this that night and it made me a bit sad to think that.  I wonder how much into the photography world  I can really go  if I am constantly traveling and not making good and long term contacts. Sure, these friends are great, but I am by no means close to them.  I think that’s the downside to being an expat, and these friends just expect me to leave.  That’s it.

I felt something similar to this when I was about to leave Korea. But I’m proud and happy of my time there.  I made great friends, but I also took some awesome photographs. So from this, I made a vow not to be too sad about friends I will be leaving in time, but concentrate on making awesome photographs.

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