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Ruined shots

Anybody have a story where they’re lining up a shot, you make sure that timing and composition is right. Then….someone comes in and ruins it! I’ve had times where I press the shutter and someone bumps into me, or someone steps in front, and there isn’t really another chance for me to take a similar shot again.

I don’t quite remember how I wanted to compose this shot initially, but someone decided to try and pet this bird when I pressed the shutter. *sigh*

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-ruined shots01

Yashica D TLR

Finally scanned the rest of my film from China, and I must say, looking through shots taken with my Yashica D, I am more and more in love with it. I’m still working around focusing in lower light conditions, and have unfortunately ruined many shots because the focusing screen is not as light as my last TLR, which oddly isn’t built as well as this one. I find I have to be a LOT slower when focusing, and am trying to find other ways of keeping still when holding for shots slower than 1/60.
Shot taken at The Kitchen Futian. I was lucky enough to go inside the tiny cooking quarters of the place and snap some shots. If you happen to reside in Shenzhen, some of my photos might still be hanging up there.

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-yashica d tlr

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I actually miss finding random scenes like this by chance:

Mannequin bottoms. I wonder where the top half are?

It makes it a bit more difficult in the US because people usually drive everywhere. Even if I find interesting things to photograph, I have to ask my hubby, and by that time we spend too much time trying to find a suitable place to park, and it gets to be  waste on gas.  I might have to write notes of places, ask hubby as I pass along them the name of the street, come up with a list, then hubby can plan out a mini-trip that is the most efficient, since I still have no clue where things are located or distances.  Other than the fact that I am new to this area, but getting driven everywhere doesn’t help either. As the hubs puts it,  I just don’t pay attention.

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