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Photography and Yoga Part 2

Ever since I wrote a post about how photography and yoga are similar, I’ve been thinking about writing more in this topic for a while. True to form, my short term memory kicked in and obviously forgot it for a while. Also true to form, my memory comes at the weirdest times and luckily I only shouted when I was by myself when I exclaimed said that I should really write another post for this topic.

I’ve covered some of the mental/spiritual side of photography and yoga, and I was thinking if there are any commonalities between asanas and photography.  Then I thought of an article I read ages ago about ‘funny’ photographer poses.  Now I have ventured far and wide in the past to get  a good photo, and quite possibly squatted or looked weird when trying to capture a scene. I can safely say though, that I never stood/squatted/sat taking a photo that resembled anything like yoga poses graced in the likes of Yoga Journal.

Well go ahead, decide for yourself if the following poses some photographers get into look like asanas you and I might be practicing.

Yin Yoga Dragonfly Pose

image source
image source

Goddess Pose


image source

image source



image source

image source

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-baby its cold outside

I forget how windy winters are over here. I’m not trying to complain, really. I think I just need to get used to this weather again. I’ve been drinking a wackload of water and I still wake up dehydrated. I’ve tried finding coconut water here to no avail. It makes me miss the fresh coconuts you can get in Thailand. yum!

I do enjoy sitting in cosy PJs and drinking tea while watching the snow blow by. I love looking outside the window and seeing scenes like the one above.

Who says that winters are drab? There is beauty everywhere you look!

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The Power of Listening

sarah li cain-mumbled jumbles-the power of listening
Mom, I look like a pretzel!

Last week (after reading an article about it and kind of obsessing about it, I’ll admit) I entered the lotus pose during the final Ashtanga postures.  I’ve tried before but my ankle ended up hurting, or I could feel my leg bone digging into the opposite thigh.  This time, as the DVD started to describe ‘bound lotus’, a voice inside my head just told me “Try it today. You read that article, Visualize how you will enter it and just do it. It’ll work.” I almost felt like I was outside myself looking down as I did it. I was quite elated and surprised afterward. I realize that every time I enter a new pose or go deeper into one (or without any modifications), that voice calls out.  I don’t know what to call it. Intuition? The mind and body connecting? Some higher power in the universe telling this to me? Either way I listen and I receive.  I focus, imagine, bring myself to the present moment and magic happens.

Listening is a powerful skill that sadly people don’t practice too much of these days. They may hear, but to listen is also to receive what you are given. I think that listening to oneself is the hardest of all. What if you are denying the truth because you don’t want to deal with the emotions that come with it? What if you don’t want to admit fault? Or are simply just scared?

But the thing is, listening has numerous benefits. It helps you improve, move on with your life, grow.  How can you learn if you don’t listen to your teachers, your peers? How can you know if your health (mental and physical) is good if you don’t listen to yourself?

Listen and you shall receive.

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